Vote for the Best Shellac Life Changing Entry

With so many amazing entries it was nearly impossible to pick the top 10, but there were a few people who were able to perfectly articulate how winning a lifetime supply of CND Shellac would change their life. 

Read the entries below then vote for your favorite with this poll.

Voting is closed. Congrats to Emily (and her cat!).

Thanks for all of the wonderful entries.  


"Hi! I currently serve in the air force as a jet engine mechanic. Every time I paint my nails over the weekend they are only ruined again two hours into my Monday shift. :( I miss being a girl during the week! I'm surrounded by men. And when I paint my nails it let's me keep a little of my femininity. I can't go on wasting money on manicures, when they would only last two days before getting chipped at work. Please, please, please... Pick me!!!"



"I would become like Gollum from Lord of The Rings and just surround myself with all the polishes while saying "My Precious""


"This is how I imagine my life after winning:

I open my mail one day and there it is... a lifetimes worth of Shellac!
My Heart Is complete. Being completely fulfilled I will dump my current boyfriend and ask Shellac in all his brilliance, to go out with me. I will procede to invite Shellac to move in. He’ll say yes! I will provide him everything he needs, a Lovely feng shui room where he can be at one with the world (and my nails), the room will be made up of entirely white decor so as to not overshadow his colorful presence, and plenty of mirrors in which he shall casually pass by a thousand times a day to reflect on his beauty. I will provide outings as much as humanly possible so as to brag about my Shellac boyfriend to all my girlfiriends so they too can fawn, ooh and aaah over him, probably even drool (from a reasonable distance). despite many a moral concern, I will hire my boyfriend out for modeling, maybe start with small magazine gigs at first, then hit up commercials shortly thereafter, and eventually we will travel to paris together to make several appearances on the catwalk. It will be epic. But alas 24 years will go by fast and we will eventually retire, we will move into a cozy wooden cabin in the woods and settle down together. And one day...just like that, I will brush on one last swipe... two weeks later...he'll be gone. We will have had no regrets! We enjoyed life to the last drop, nothing but Instagrams and memories will be left of him. We had a good life."

Karen (Poem)

"Shellac, Shellac, I'm down with that,
a lifetime supply - is that a fact?
Think of all the time I'd save,
not having to shop for the shades I crave!
I'd clean the house and wash the car,
I'd spread glad tidings near and far.
I'd solve world problems to be sure,
all while rocking the PERFECT MANICURE!

I would leap tall buildings in a bound,
knowing my nails were the best around,
and when two weeks had past on by,
there'd still be 32 other shades to try!

Since doing nails is my career,
I can apply these colours without fear.
So thank you CND and NPC
you make my job so easy for me!"


"Winning a lifetime supply of nail polish would take me well into into my eighties since I am already a senior. I would be in a nursing home and with such beautiful nails I would be the "belle of the ball" all the time. Which means I would be very popular with the geezers who are looking for a little romance. Which means every woman would think I was a femme fatale after their paramour. That would make me very unpopular with the never mind, I treasure having BFFs and girlfriends too much for that!!"



"By contributing to my stash, you'll be helping to ensure that I'll be the first person on Hoarders because nail polish is overtaking my house."



"Well... I spend a lot of time painting my nails, and I always have to re-do them because it chips. This mostly happens because I drink a lot, and chip my nails doing things like riding backwards on a riding lawn mower in the middle of the road at night, climbing on the roof of a garage and singing Toto's "Hold The Line", rollerblading at midnight in bikinis, most of us whom nobody wants to see in a bikini, but to hell with society. (This can all be confirmed, I have witnesses, if necessary.) I also work my bum off at a nice IT job during the day, where I'm always typing or working on computers and chipping my nail polish.

The point is, I need to look fabulous while doing all this, and who looks fabulous with chipped nails? Only Chuck Norris could pull off such a feat. Winning this contest would mean that I can have approximately 34.84% more fun in my life due to not spending time repairing or repainting my finger- and toe-nails! Imagine how many more computers I can fix, how many more beers can be consumed, and how many more moonlight ballads can be performed. You have the power to make this happen, Nail Polish Canada. I've loved your company since I discovered you and have bought quite a few products. It'd be an honour to win this contest. (And my liver will probably give out within 25 more years, I'm already older than 25 to begin with, so you won't even have to become a dishonest woman!)"


"If I won a lifetime supply of Shellac my life would be turned upside down! My hands and feet would be so beautiful everyday! Even after couple hours up to my elbows in dirt in my vegetable garden my durable Shellac nails would be perfect. Then one day, walking along Queen St in Toronto a modelling agent would notice my gorgeous hands and offer me a hand modelling contract. A few weeks later, while shooting a commercial for Chinese finger traps, the now-single Tom Cruise would notice me at the studio. He would ask me out, and since he has been through so much lately and looks so pathetic, I would accept. We would become Hollywood's hottest couple. My impeccable fingernails would be featured on magazine covers and television. But eventually I would break Tom's heart when his jealousy of my fame becomes too much for our relationship. So, for Tom Cruise's sake, I hope I do not win a lifetime supply of Shellac!"


"I am a single mom of two (12 and 9) and I've been a paraplegic for the past 8.5 years. Winning a lifetime supply of Shellac would change my life in a number of ways. First, propelling oneself in a wheelchair can be extremely hard on ones hands and nails. I am constantly chipping my polish or breaking a nail, so the Shellac system would be extremely helpful in keeping my nails looking beautiful and strengthening them to avoid breakages. The second way a lifetime of Shellac would change my life is it would give me a confidence boost. Oftentimes, when you're in a woman in a wheelchair, you're overlooked, especially by the opposite sex. You're not seen as sexy or womanly. Keeping your nails polished may seem like a small thing, but it can certainly get you noticed. I think using the Shellac system would help me prove to the world that, just because I'm in a wheelchair, that doesn't mean that I can't be sexy, girly, or beautiful!"



"My nail polish often begins chipping after only 4 days, so I have to redo it frequently.  This angers my cat greatly.  My lap is her throne and it displeases her to be denied access to it while I'm painting and drying my nails.  Angry cat leads to special "presents" in bed,  homicidal glares from doorways, and plans for world domination.  Let's keep my cat happy and prevent the global cat take over by letting me only have to paint my nails twice a month.  Because, let's face it: cats could do it, they're only waiting for a cause."