Red Carpet Manicure Vintage Vibes Color Dip Powder

Vintage Vibes Color Dip Powder by Red Carpet Manicure

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Polish Name: Vintage Vibes Color Dip Powder

Description: Vintage Vibes is a bright purple crème.

Size: 0.3 oz. / 9 g

Brand: Red Carpet Manicure

Color Dip Application Instructions:

  1. Apply to clean nails a thin layer of Color Dip Base Coat and quickly dip into Color Dip Powder. Repeat to get desired depth of color.
  2. Apply Activator, and follow with a thin layer of Base Coat.
  3. Shape and buff nails.
  4. Apply Activator and wait for 20 seconds.
  5. Apply two thin layers of Color Dip Top Coat.