Frownies Rosewater Hydrating Spray (0.3 fl. oz. / 10 mL)

Rosewater Hydrating Spray (0.3 fl. oz. / 10 mL) by Frownies

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“ I found my skin hydrated & feeling nice & supple. Love this product!” –Stephanie Louise

Rose Water Hydrator Spray is an anti-wrinkle treatment used to help the skin’s PH balance to minimize pores and reduce the size of fine lines and wrinkles. Antioxidant ingredients such as; Vitamin E and 100% pure essential oils also protect your skin of irritation and inflammation.

The benefits of Frownies products including Rose Water Hydrator Spray has been featured in multiple well-known publications including Oprah’s magazine “O Magazine.”

Application Instructions: Thoroughly cleanse your face, then apply Frownies Rose Water Hydrator Spray, to your entire face and neck. Repeat throughout the day when necessary.

*Commonly used with Frownies Facial Patches to keep them moist throughout the night time*