Polish Reviver by Poshe

Polish Reviver by Poshe

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Polish Reviver by Poshe helps thinning thickened, dry, and sticky nail polishes, making them ready to use again. This product is free of dibutyl-phthalate, toluene, and formaldehyde. Can be used with any polishes.

Instruction for Use: Add 2-3 drops of this polish reviver to thickened polish. Hold polish bottle between palms and roll to mix. Do not shake.

15 Reviews

  • 4
    good old basic

    Posted by Noemie on 20th Jan 2016

    Bought and bought again. Poshe Polish Reviver is the best friend of your ol' bottles. Easy to use, efficient, no bad surprise.
    The only negative point : it pours sometimes a bit too fast when you squeeze the bootle a bit too much. 123

  • 5
    Amazing results

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Jun 2015

    Works very well. 123

  • 4
    Great Product!

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Nov 2014

    This is my first ever nail polish thinner, and while it really does work, I wasn't sure if I got a used package or not. Firstly, it didn't come with the red packaging in the picture, but rather just in bubble wrap. Secondly, I can feel the liquid sloshing in the bottle, and it feels like it's only half full. I didn't have any problems with leakage, and the product works great, but for $7 I expected a full bottle... 123

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    Can't tell....

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Apr 2014

    I used it on a few of my nail polishes but i didn't really notice a difference... maybe it was just that old or I didn't put enough but I just gave up after 6-9 drops. The bottle is super leaky. I can't tilt the dropper into the bottle before it starts dribbling down the side of the bottle. So I ended up with it more on my hand then in the polish - which also makes it hard to know how many drops you actually get into the nail polish. 123