Flexitol Medicated Anti-Fungal Cream (56 g)

Medicated Anti-Fungal Cream (56 g) by Flexitol

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Flexitol Medicated Anti-Fungal Cream (56g) for the treatment and prevention of Athlete's Foot, with Urea, Aloe & Vitamin E. Triple action helps soothe, heal and moisturize feet. Flexitol Medicated Anti-Fungal Cream:

  • is for the treatment of Athlete's Foot
  • provides rapid effective relief of itchy, cracked skin associated with Athlete's Foot
  • moisturises and hydrates dry, cracked, flaky skin

This fast acting triple action formula combines the anti-fungal properties of Tolnaftate, Urea and the soothing benefits of Menthol and Aloe Vera to help treat the fungus that causes infection, while intensively moisturizing dry, cracked and flaky skin.

With 1% Tolfnaftate Cream