Image Plate #M43 (Words) by Konad Nail Art

Image Plate #M43 (Words) by Konad Nail Art

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How to use Konad Stamping Nail Art

What you'll need: Image Plate, Konad Polish, Stamp & Scraper.

  1. Apply a base coat or the nail polish which you want to overlay designs on
  2. Apply Konad polish to the image you would like to use on your image plate
  3. Use the scraper at 45 degrees to remove excess polish from the plate
  4. With a rolling motion quickly press the stamp on the image plate to pick up the image
  5. With a rolling motion, stamp the image to your nails
  6. Apply a top coat for best results

1 Review

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    Details don't get picked up

    Posted by mica on 6th Jan 2018

    The Hangeul text is small, detailed and I don't think it has been incised into the plate properly because not all of the alphabets get picked up clearly. Therefore the words appear incomplete. I used stamping polish and a good stamper that work on my other plates but I wasn't satisfied with the results. 123