Image Plate #M29 (Hawaii, Pineapple, Tree, Flower) by Konad Nail Art

Image Plate #M29 (Hawaii, Pineapple, Tree, Flower) by Konad Nail Art

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How to use Konad Stamping Nail Art

What you'll need: Image Plate, Konad Polish, Stamp & Scraper.

  1. Apply a base coat or the nail polish which you want to overlay designs on
  2. Apply Konad polish to the image you would like to use on your image plate
  3. Use the scraper at 45 degrees to remove excess polish from the plate
  4. With a rolling motion quickly press the stamp on the image plate to pick up the image
  5. With a rolling motion, stamp the image to your nails
  6. Apply a top coat for best results

3 Reviews

  • 5
    Love the designs

    Posted by DS on 3rd Apr 2016

    love the designs on the plate. Can't wait to try all of them. Will order more as there are so many choices.

  • 5
    Now an obsessive stamper

    Posted by Steff on 26th Oct 2014

    This was my first ever stamping plate. I was hesitant because it's quite pricey for only a handful of images, and also for something i've never tried. After much deliberation I decided to treat myself and convinced myself I should go with quality if i'm to try this stamping thing. I'm definitely glad I did. This plate has adorable images for the my Hawaii obsession I have, and it was the beginning of my second love: nail stamping. The images come out great, and with some imagination there is so much you can do with so few images. I have friends that got like 50 plates from China for $4 and think they got a deal, however they stamp awful. If this plate isn't working for you, give it another try, stamping takes practice, but I was picking up clear images pretty much right away with this plate. If you're like me and hesitant, let me tell you it's honestly worth it to spend the extra few dollars on a plate that is etched well.

  • 4
    tropical nails

    Posted by NicKa on 6th May 2013

    Love Konad image plates. Tried picking up some plates from a local chain store, and was extremely put off by how terrible the images transfered. Took me a year to finally order and try an actual Konad plate, and loved it! The images come out crisp, transfer easily, and you can use regular nail polish. Would recommend these plates to anyone (the Hawaiian designs are really cute), and will definitely be ordering more plates soon!