Healthy Hoof High Gloss Protectant (14 mL / 0.5 oz)

Healthy Hoof High Gloss Protectant (14 mL / 0.5 oz)

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Healthy Hoof is a unique, results driven product. Its ingredients come from the equestrian formula used on horses and has now been re-created for personal nail care. Originally used to strengthen horse's hooves, Healthy Hoof prevents breakage and cracking and the result is strengthened nails.

Apply Healthy Hoof High Gloss Protectant up to once a day. Paint onto of dry, clean nails and let dry. Will protect against bacteria and provide a UV protectant coating.

21 Reviews

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    These Healthy Hoof Nail Products are awesome!

    Posted by Maggie on 22nd May 2019

    I bought the Healthy Hoof Cream for my nails. I am still waiting for them to split and crack but nothing happens! I just rub it into my nails and then apply my nailpolish...IT IS AMAZING!!! I have recommended it to tons of people now. Thank you! 123

  • 5
    Its a staple in my manicure now...I love it and will buy it again!

    Posted by Maggie on 20th Dec 2018

    I love it so far...and I will buy it again..thanks 123

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    Excellent as a TOP COAT

    Posted by Dee on 14th Dec 2018

    I have been using this product for year -- keep buying new bottles so I always have two on hand.
    I LOVE it as a top coat. Dries super fast and it extends the life of my polish - my polish lasts a super long time with no chips at all. LOVE LOVE LOVE this product! 123

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    Healthy Nails

    Posted by Andrea on 28th Oct 2018

    I only just started using this to strengthen my nails and they already do feel stronger. I am hoping this polish will bring them back to 100%. After wearing gelish polish for 8 months, my nails are quite soft. 123