Whats Up Nails Graveyard Nail Vinyls (1 Sheet - 20 Stencils)

[Discontinued] Free: Graveyard Nail Vinyls (1 Sheet - 20 Stencils) by Whats Up Nails

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No longer available


We'd like to help you celebrate Halloween with these graveyard nail vinyls!

These are 100% free, including shipping. No strings attached.

How to get yours:

1. Make sure you have a promo code (if you don't or yours doesn't work see below)
2. Add this item to your cart
3. Enter the promo code to make it free
4. Checkout (you'll need to fill in your info but won't be asked for payment unless you add other items)
5. We'll ship you your free nail vinyls

We've partnered with dozens of blogs to give these away. Each has a coupon valid for 10 sets of vinyls, once those get used up it will no longer work and you'll have to try another.

Looking for a code? 

Here's a list of where you might be able to find one (we'll update this list as more posts go live):

A Brash Attitude (Sold Out)

Addicted to Beauty (Sold Out)

Blush & Pearls (Sold Out)

Canadian en Vogue (Sold Out)

Coffee & Nail Polish (Sold Out) 

Curiously Carmen (Sold Out) 

Ditch the Mittens (Sold Out)

Health and Beauty Girl (Sold Out)

Hoots of Beauty (Sold Out) 

I'm Not a Beauty Guru (Sold Out) 

Kisses, Kris 

Lady Jolie (Sold Out)

Makeup by Maha Matar (Sold Out) 

Makeup Most Wanted (Sold Out)

Million Idole (Sold Out)

Nat Hennessey (Sold Out)

Polished and Inspired (Sold Out)

Prairie Beauty Love (Sold Out)

Reflection of Sanity (Sold Out)

Strolling the City in Heels (Sold Out)

Tea & Nail Polish (Sold Out)

The Beauty Edition (Sold Out)

The Christina Truong Network (Sold Out) 

The Glam Surge (Sold Out)

Limited Supply. Valid for Canadians only. One per household. Cannot be combined with other promotions.

2 Reviews

  • 4
    Did not try yet

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Nov 2017

    Looks really cute but did not have the chance to try it yet. 123

  • 5
    Easy to use

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Nov 2017

    I was lucky enough to get this set from the promotion. It was my first time using nail vinyls and these were so easy to use. Love it. 123