China Glaze Flying Dragon nail polish

Flying Dragon by China Glaze

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Polish Name: Flying Dragon

Size: 14 mL / 0.5 oz

Brand: China Glaze

Collection: Ink

This product contains no toluene, DBP or added formaldehyde.

About China Glaze: China Glaze creates exciting, modern colors. They use China Clay as nail hardener resulting in long-lasting wear. Their non-thickening formula allow for excellent coverage. China Glaze has been featured in dozens of publications including Elle (with Kelly Clarkson), Lucky (with Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Nylon (with Avril Lavigne).

Application Instructions:
For best results first apply a base coat to clean, bare nails. Then apply 2-3 coats of colored polish (depending on its consistency and thickness). For long lasting wear finish with a top coat.


5 Reviews

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    Hard to see the blue glitter

    Posted by Isabelle on 16th Aug 2018

    I was actually excited by the matte finish because I love matte polish. But it's true that the glitter is hard to see. I still like it though. 123

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    Bait and switch in a bottle

    Posted by Deb on 29th Jan 2017

    In the bottle, brilliant pink with tons of shiny blue micro glitter. Ooo!

    On the nail - Dries MATTE. In its matte state, none of the glitter is visible and the pink colour becomes a dull fuzzy weird dark reddish colour, in some lights almost dark "brick". And it pretty much rubs off.

    With matte top coat - won't rub off but is still ugly.

    With shiny top coat, STILL doesn't look even close to the colour in the bottle. Kind of a red with mottled areas. Depending on the light, ranges from purplish-red to reddish-brown.

    And then you go to remove it, and it's slightly difficult to remove due to all the glitter hidden within the layers. The used cotton pad actually seems pink-with-glitter, surprisingly. But on the nail, it wasn't good. At all.

    PLEASE BE AWARE IT DRIES MATTE. It doesn't say so on the bottle and you'd never expect it to, from looking at it in the bottle. 123

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    Chips and Peels

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Dec 2013

    I picked this up at my local Winners, my first ever China Glaze polish. I may end up throwing it out. Application is very difficult, but the main problem is that it chips and peels terribly. I've worn it twice now, and both times I had large chips by the end of day one, and entire layers of polish peeling off by day two. I've tried different topcoats (Essie Good to Go and Seche Vite) but the results are the same. 123

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    Magic Polish

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Jun 2013

    This polish is gorgeous in the bottle, so when I got it I immediately swatched it on my clear nail wheel. I was so sad when it dried darker than the bottle and matte. The glitter/shimmer was no longer visible. Then I put a top coat on half the nail and VOILA! Suddenly it was the exact color of the bottle and you could see all the sparkle. It's like 2 polishes in one...I love a bargain!!! 123