Facial Hair Remover by Epicare

Facial Hair Remover by Epicare

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Say Goodbye to embarrassing and unsightly facial hair with Epicare's revolutionary spring. No more messy waxing, chemical burns or expensive laser treatments. Just Bend and Roll and facial hair gets pulled out from the roots. Epicare® is so compact that it fits into your purse and is always ready for use when you need it.

Epicare® is the original facial hair threader, and has been around since 1999. We are proudly Canadian. Choose from 8 amazing colors. Looking good has never been easier.


13 Reviews

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    works great!!!

    Posted by Kayla on 3rd Feb 2016

    LOVE this! honestly it works great. i just got it in the mail today so ive only used it once but it did exactly what i wanted it to which is get rid of the hairs on my chin & upper lip peachfuzz. It didnt hurt on my chin just kindof a shock at first, and it got rid of all the hair, but it did kindof hurt on my upper lip. It just feels like tweezing would i guess but your pulling multiple hairs at once so it does hurt a little but i just went as fast as i could & then it was over, probably took like 2 minutes for my upper lip but that was after i had kindof gotten the hang of it . I dont see any signs of my skin breaking out yet so im hoping & betting that it wont. 123

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    epicare changed my life

    Posted by N.C. on 20th Aug 2015

    Best ever !! I have the nono and paid hundreds, and don't like the idea of burning my face ..sure it will age me eventually ...I've used depilatories ..same fears.till I started using this every night after I cleansed and dried my face . Love it !!!!! no more peach fuzz or hair issues on my face !!!! 123

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    Broke me out :(

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Nov 2014

    There are pluses and minus to this. It's generally intuitive and easy to figure out how to use, it does remove hair (especially the fine peach fuzz hair - a little harder to pick up coarser shorter hair), and the sting isn't that bad (more like little prickles moving over your skin). The cons are - you have to move it against the natural growth of your hair so if you are doing it against contours of the face or if hair is growing in different directions in certain places, it's not that easy. As well - I used this over my chin and it broke me out terribly - like in places I've never had breakouts before, below my lower lip. If you do use it - be sure to use toner or astringent before and after and don't apply make-up or strong skincare products right away. I might try it again once my skin gets back to normal but it's definitely made me a bit nervous about it. 123

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    Very happy with results

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Sep 2014

    Reaching that certain age, I'd recently started having facial hair threaded (my skin and sensitive so waxing isn't an option)

    I figured it was worth giving this a try after reading some of the favorable reviews.

    At first, it isn't pleasant - similar sensation to threading. I've had it about a month, and it does get easier.

    I first took on my upper lip (most in need) and nearly flung the Eipcare out the window - glad I didn't act on that impulse and stuck with it.

    I'd recommend starting in areas less sensitive (on me - the chin area) and work towards the more sensitive spots (upper lip). Do a bit at a time till you get used to the sensation. While it may take a week to get everything done the first time around - it will be worth it.

    As the instructions say - do a test area first and it's not to be used on eyebrows.

    I have fine hair (getting longer and darker on upper lip and chin.) I used it on my cheeks as well and can not believe how makeup and facial creams go on so much easier.

    Absolutely would recommend this to a friend!