Color Wow Dark Brown Root Cover Up (0.07 oz. / 2.1 g)

Dark Brown Root Cover Up (0.07 oz. / 2.1 g) by Color Wow

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Color Wow Root Cover Up is a fast and easy powder root touch up that instantly covers roots and new growth. The concentrated mineral pigment powder features multiple pigments and reflective particles, allowing it to blend easily. The water and oil resistant formula keeps it in place all day. Mess free and easy to apply, it's the perfect way to keep your hair looking great between coloring processes.

Application Instructions: After styling your hair, apply to new growth from the scalp and outwards, using the included dual-tipped brush.

4 Reviews

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    Best powder root concealer

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Oct 2019

    I've tried other cheaper brands, and have found that, despite the overly-high price, Wow adheres best to my hair and takes the least amount of time to apply, and if I rinse my hair with water and conditioner between shampoos, most of the product stays put. The thing I don't like is the small amount of product for the price and the fact that it is made in China, not North America. 123

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    One of the best root concealer

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Dec 2017

    I find it very easy to apply (any section including hair above and next to ears); the powder is soft and adheres to the hair nicely. On my hair, Wow looks very natural. What I don't like is that, Wow is not water proof. Also, it is expensive for me because I have a lot of grey. I believe I will eventually use up the entire content in some 25 applications. I wore it only for a few hours each time and had to wash off to apply Minoxidil before bedtime. The packaging is beautiful but the powder content is too small for the product to be the best selling hair concealer. 123

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    Colour NOT WOW

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Mar 2016

    This product does not live up to it's advertising and write up on the packaging. It is NOT water resistant and feels sticky to the touch and you better wear plastic gloves when you apply it to your hair or else you entire hand will turn brown. It is also very hard to do the crown of your head or over your ears. It covers the gray fairly well to a medium or light brown to be exact. I have dark brown hair and a few grays here and there. My recommendation is to save your money and take a trip to the hair salon. No mess and no stress at home. 123

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    Great product

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Oct 2015

    I've tried a few. This one is great to hold me over. Love it so far. 123