Emily de Molly Cosmic Forces

[Discontinued] Cosmic Forces by Emily de Molly

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Polish Name: Cosmic Forces by Emily de Molly

Description: Cosmic Forces has a dark purple jelly base with multicolored glitter.

Size: 12 mL

Brand: Emily de Molly


Application Instructions: For best results first apply a base coat to clean, bare nails. Then apply 2-3 coats of colored polish (depending on its consistency and thickness). For long lasting wear finish with a top coat.

This product contains no added formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde resin or camphor.

4 Reviews

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    Posted by Jo on 23rd Nov 2013

    Love this polish . . . and I'm not usually fond of the glitter.

    I used Essie's Sexy Divide (dark purple) as a base and one coat of Cosmic Forces for a less glittery look for day time/office(it's easy to pick the larger pieces out). . . and add another coat for a more dramatic look.


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    Pretty but ok formula

    Posted by Laurianne on 27th Sep 2013

    This is a stunning polish! It got noticed a lot when I had it on. It is a bit tricky to apply though. The formula is thin so it runs quickly down the brush and you get a huge dollop on the nail no matter how hard you try to apply a thin coat. The big circular glitters are beautiful but you have to fish them out of the bottle and it takes forever. 123

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    Posted by Lisa on 19th Sep 2013

    I think I may be the only lacquerista on the Internet who isn't freaking out about this polish. I actually found the formula not to be the best (fully understanding that it's a jelly) and the large bits didn't come out of the bottle no matter how much stirring/shaking I did. Maybe I got a lemon? 123

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    Posted by Becky on 18th Sep 2013

    I am in love with circular glitter right now, and this is one of the most beautiful polishes out right now. I did wear it over a purple base because I didn't want to have to use too many layers of it, and it is stunning!! 123