Montagne Jeunesse Cool Eyes Anti-Shadow (2 x 2 Patches)

[Discontinued] Cool Eyes Anti-Shadow (2 x 2 Patches) by Montagne Jeunesse (Ships Free, No Minimum)

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No longer available


Cool Eyes Anti-Shadow is formulated to help reduce dark shadows below the eyes. These super-cooling and smoothing Anti-Shadow Cool Eyes patches help eliminate under-eye discoloration, while restoring hydration and suppleness. Infused with Liquorice to combat dark pigmentation and Plant Collagen to improve skin elasticity, making the under eye area appear lighter and feel firmer and tighter.

Instruction for Use: 1. Chill in the fridge for at least one hour before use. 2. Remove one set of Cool Eyes from pouch. 3. Apply one patch under each eye and press down firmly to ensure contact. 4. Leave on for 30-50 minutes for best results. 5. Re-seal pouch and put back into the fridge (optional), ready for your next use.

Care and Safety Advice: Suitable for daily use. Keep Cool Eyes pouch sealed to maintain freshness. Do not use on any other areas of the face or body and do not use on dry, sensitive or broken skin. Keep out of reach of children.