Kiara Sky Chit Chat Acrylic Dip Powder (1 oz. / 28 g)

Chit Chat Acrylic Dip Powder (1 oz. / 28 g) by Kiara Sky

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Polish Name: Chit Chat Acrylic Dip Powder (1 oz. / 28 g)

Size: 1 oz. / 28 g

Brand: Kiara Sky

Application Instructions:

  1. Apply BOND to nails.
  2. Apply BASE to 3/4 of the nail, and dip into Natural Dip Powder. Brush off excess powder.
  3. Apply BASE a hairline away from cuticles, and dip into color dip powder. Brush off excess powder.
  4. Apply BASE to the whole nail, and dip into color dip powder for a second coat. Brush off excess powder.
  5. Clean off any excess powder on your nails and fingers using alcohol wipes.
  6. Apply SEAL PROTECT and let air dry for 1 minute.
  7. File, shape and buff.
  8. Use lint-free wipes with alcohol to clean nails.
  9. Apply SEAL PROTECT and let air dry.
  10. Use a dry lint-free wipe to push excess SEAL PROTECT into nails.
  11. Apply TOP and let air dry for about 2 minutes.
  12. Once dry, apply TOP again for a second coat.

2 Reviews

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    Amazing quality & great price!

    Posted by Hillary on 27th Mar 2019

    I just want to start by saying that I decided a few months ago to start doing my own dip powder nails at home. I initially tried to save money by buying the items from Amazon through two companies (Born Pretty and Nicole Diary). The quality was ok-ish but the colours were pretty transparent and the jars were small.

    I read a bunch of reviews for Kiara Sky and decided to take the plunge. I bought three colours and then all of the polishes to go with it (the bond, base, activator and top coat). Let me first say - I got way more product that I anticipated! The jars are very big and the bottles are huge too, so I was very impressed. The packaging is great, sturdy and you can tell it's very good quality.

    I did my nails with it for the first time last night and the colours are opaque, great quality and just straight up awesome. It's seriously the equivalent of going to the nail salon to get it done.

    On top of it, I ordered my products on a Friday and they were at my house by lunch time on the Tuesday. So I'm not only impressed with the product, but I'm also impressed with Nail Polish Canada. If you're debating saving money and doing your own nails at home then I highly recommend going with Kiara Sky. 123

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    Gorgeous Shade!

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Mar 2019

    Chit Chat is a lovely, classic, pale purple colour. A true opaque cream. It's perfect for spring and it makes your tan pop. (The finished nail colour outcome is slightly darker than what you see in the container.) 123