JOICO Black Tint Shot Root Concealer (2 oz. / 56 g)

Black Tint Shot Root Concealer (2 oz. / 56 g) by JOICO

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3 Reviews

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    Joyce Tint Shot

    Posted by Lily Stanners on 10th Feb 2020

    After using 20+ bottles, I finally came upon one faulty bottle that splattered rather than sprayed.Now, I wear my hair-colouring cape to cover myself. I also use a facial mask to prevent inhaling the mist which was causing me to cough. I am using these precautions because I like the product & I don't want to stop using it because of problems that I can solve. 123

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    Try it. You'll like it.

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Jul 2019

    It colours your scalp where the hair is the thinest. It is very easy to spray on. Once you determine where to spray, you can use less to cover more. However, it does leave your hair dry-looking. If you perspire lots from your head, then you must be prepared for dripping down your face - it's colouring after all. Also, wash your forehead after spraying - I use a thin layer of paper towel on the roll to protect my eyes & forehead. 123

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    It hides your thin areas without running.

    Posted by Lily on 18th Mar 2018

    I hesitated a long time before I used it. Finally, my hairstylist showed me how by spraying onto a towel. It worked from day one. You couldn't see any thin areas at all, so I didn't worry about it. It didn't run down my face. I've used it on holidays in hot climate where my head got hot, but the colour didn't run.
    When it dries, it acts like you just teased your hair & it becomes thick. Unfortunately, your hair becomes dry & doesn't swing & shine like natural hair does. 123