Fake Bake 5 Minute Mousse ( 7 fl. oz. / 207 mL)

5 Minute Mousse ( 7 fl. oz. / 207 mL) by Fake Bake

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Fake Bake 5 Minute Mousse is a super-fast drying, lightweight formula that helps you achieve natural looking deep bronze tan. It gives you an even, long-lasting natural golden glow without streaking. Paraben free.

Instructions for Use: Apply to clean skin, one area at a time in a circular motion. A second application can be applied for a darker tan. Buff skin lightly using a dry towel before dressing.

1 Review

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    does not work

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Apr 2016

    I would like to review Fake bake mousse. I got it in purple box not pink like on this picture.
    I am very disappointed in this product and would not advise buying it. First of all, it is impossible to apply. I shook the bottle as per instruction; the mousse came out as foam and dried up so quick I could even distribute onto the skin, then it flaked OFF. I thought it might be black gloves (there was no mitten in the box). I changed gloves to the same quality but blue color and the same result. Second pf all, I needed A LOT of this product! Just for one calf and it was half empty. I decided to try on the face… bad idea, very bad. I did not see any tanning but pigments spot (I Was not even aware of) just brightened so much so I could not cover them with a makeup. On my skin it felt like I had some clay on. In conclusion, for 38$ it lasted for one calf, face, and one arm before elbow and the bottle was empty. I am 5.7, 142lb not big legs or arms or face… It flaked OFF, and no tanning was noticed compared to the other leg and arm. Very bad for face as sun spots are bright and ugly nom. It is not a complain, but it caused me too much stress and frustration. Thus, no matter how much someone wants to have a quick self-tan this product WILL NOT WORK. 123