Real Techniques 3 Pocket Expert Organizer (Grey)

3 Pocket Expert Organizer (Grey) by Real Techniques

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MIRACLE CLING™ giving any space instant beauty storage - clings to mirrors and more. A convenient, space saving system offers instant beauty storage for space starved bathrooms.

  • designed for long lasting performance
  • no suction cups, adhesives or wall mounts needed

How it works:

  • Miracle Cling Technology™ securely clings to glossy bathroom surfaces like glass, mirrors, marble, flat shiny tiles, and laminate with no residue.
  • Stores brushes and tools for easy access
  • Organizes bathroom clutter and frees up counter space
  • Designed to store an assortment of brushes, sponges and cosmetic tools
  • Slots between pockets allow head-down makeup brush drying to protect bristle integrity and performance
  • Won’t leave residue on recommended surfaces
  • Reusable
  • Can be reapplied after removal