China Glaze 3 In 1 Magnet (Star, Stripe & Arrow) nail polish

[Discontinued] 3 In 1 Magnet (Star, Stripe & Arrow) by China Glaze

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No longer available

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China Glaze magnetic polish has metal particles in it which creates a unique design when the magnet (3 designs in one) is held over it after application.

5 Reviews

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    Awesome Effects

    Posted by Val on 1st Nov 2013

    I love this concept. Takes a couple of tries to get it down pat but worth the time. My only complaint is you have to move the magnet a bit to each side to get full nail coverage with your design if you just don't want the top strip done. 123

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    Not easy to use

    Posted by Sherry on 26th Jan 2013

    The shapes are great, but, this magnet is definately not easy to use. I think it would have been better to have each shape a totally seperate piece so you don't have to try to turn it a different way to get the shape you want to use. I definately prefer the magnet in the lid of the bottle, it is much easier to use. 123

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    Great idea for the nails

    Posted by Mary on 25th Oct 2012

    Used the magnet on my nails. Had a bit of a problem with the shape of the magnet. I will get used to this. On the one hand , no problem on the other some difficulty. But I will master this. 123

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    Magnet has great effects!

    Posted by Sheri - Wpg on 16th Jul 2012

    Loved the magnet. Came straight to your site when I found out about Magnetic Nailpolish. Took a bit to get used to, and a steady hand but it works really great. Can't wait to buy more polish to use it on. 123