November 19th Favourite Swatches

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Nail Art At Its Finest!

Love the variety of nail art in this mani. This look was created using A England Guinevere (shop) and Color Club Antiquated (shop)

View Lucy's Stash's swatches and weave tutorial

Matte Quilting

The quilting technique was used to create this look. ‘Matte About You’ by Essie (shop) will give any polish the matte effect. 

View Swatches on The Polish-Aholic

Foil Gradient Look

Lucy’s Stash shows you how to create a gradient effect using Zoya's Gloss jellly polishes (shop) as the base and foil polishes over top.

View swatches and video tutorial on Lucy's Stash


Reptilian Dot Nail Art

Duochrome dots give this mani a unique look. If you have a dotter at home dotted nails make for easy nail art.

View swatches on Chalkboard Nails

Glitter Accent Nail

Even in the Fall season bright glitters never tire! Try it with a black accent nail to really make the glitter stand out.

View swatches on Nailed It

Loose Glitter

Let Them Have Polish created this look using a white base, loose glitter and lots of topcoat (which allows the glitter stick to the nail).
View on Let Them Have Polish