Nominate a Prize to be Added

Bloggers are responsible for helping the prize grow. Would you like to participate?

How it works

  1. The prize starts at zero (but hopefully it’s much bigger by the time you read this)
  2. Bloggers (that's you) are invited to post about the contest and in their post nominate any polish to be added to the prize
  3. You get a custom entry (Rafflecopter) that can promote your Facebook / Twitter
  4. The prize can keep growing and growing up to 200 shades (the more blogs that participate the bigger the giveaway gets)
  5. Your blog is listed on the contest page along with the polish you added

Prize Allotment

When you select a shade to add to the prize it gets removed from the allotment listed below.

Initially it was going to be a prize of only 125 shades but Cirque, NCLA, and Picture Polish stepped in and offered extras. We encourage you to pick a favourite from them to add!

Current Available Prizes to Add

  • 6 - from any brand (must be an in-stock item on
  • 0 - from Cirque
  • 1 - from NCLA
  • 0 - from Picture Polish