Nail Polish Canada Reviews

We're not the type of people who brag, but we really do aim to provide the best service, and if we need to prove it with a little bit of healthy bragging then so be it. 

Below are some reviews and kind words about Nail Polish Canada from our customers. If you want to read more click on the link beside any review.

Thanks so much everybody!. 

"They have the most AMAZING customer service... it took 36 hours from order placed to arriving at the door. YAY" - Beautiful Ramblings

"I can't say enough how much I appreciate your amazing customer service!" Nathalie Dignard

"LOVE NFU OH FLAKIES AND NAIL POLISH CANADA! So nice to deal with a company that actually has customer service and really cares! Thank you!!!!" - Lisa Lilge

"They have GREAT customer service and ship out really quickly. And if you have any questions, you can ask on their facebook page and they will answer usually within a day!" - Araz on LUUUX

"NPC! I've ordered from you quite a few times and didn't realize until today (when i accidentally dropped a packing peanut in my dog's water bowl) that the packing peanuts you use are water soluble! Thank you for choosing environmentally conscious materials!" - Isabel Lau

"They tweeted me to let me know that this collection had finally arrived, which is beyond what any regular store would have done." - Alicia

"I placed my order on Tues or Wednesday and had my polish by Friday!... Will definitely be ordering again and recommending to friends!" - Angie Parker

" These guys seriously need to add "There is no charge for awesomeness and attractiveness" on their checkout page. They have an awesome selection of polishes, awesome prices and awesome service. " - MacNunu on Blogspot

"Fastest shipping EVER ! ordered yesterday and my stuff arrived this morning... So glad I found you guys!" Maja Joseph

"This is the perfect shop for all of us who are obsessed with nail fashion. They truly have it all!" - Shops Of

"May I just say THANK YOU!!! Canadian women love nail polish just as much as anyone else so thanks times infinity for making it available to us! Appreciated!" - Meredith Karcher

"We are so hooked on Nail Polish Canada right now - lots of deals and customer service that's, well, splendid!" - Amy from Splendid Events

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!?! I'm so thrilled I happened across your site! I can't believe I never found it before tonight!" - Jamye Dobson-Page

"I am impressed with the huge selection of available colours, brands and treatments—much bigger than any salon or department store I have ever visited!" -

"Your customer service if FABULOUS and getting polish from you is quick!! Ordering on your site is FLAWLESS!!" Paula Elizabeth Janette Daly

"The customer service from you guys is the best I've ever encountered with online shopping!" - Kathryn Dyler

"I had a great experience with, quick shipping, friendly service and a good variety of products :)" Danielle from Polish Obesssed

"Just got my third the prompt service!! The colors are amazing...painting my nails now:)" - Corri Morrison-szucs

"They have great service and it takes just a few days to get your order, and they had such a wide selection." - Elizabeth from Life and Polish

"Your service and shipping are totally awesome! Your selection is amazing! Thank you!" - Cosmetic Proof

"I find usually they get collections a little bit early and are usually pretty quick about restocking product. Their customer service is great and speedy." - Glitter&Gloss

"Check our They have free shipping over $29 and they ship super fast! I was so happy with their service!" Chic on the Street

"Very fast service packaged well and I love my new polishes :) I will definetly order again for those hard to find colors!!" - Amanda Puddicomb

"Thanks for the great service. My order came quickly and I love my new polishes." - MiLinda Jones