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Styles of Nail Polish

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Duochrome: changes color with the reflection of light showing two different colors.

Flakie: opal particles suspended in a jelly base. They’re often used for layering as the base is often sheer.

Glitter & Sparkle: jam packed full of glitter that will cover your entire nail with a few coats.

Holographic: the appearance of containing tiny rainbow coloured glitter that changes colour with the reflection of light; it’s rainbow effect is very obvious and beautiful in the sunlight and under bright lights.

Jelly: a thick jelly-like substance that is often a bit sheer and has an extremely glossy finish. Some jelly polishes will become opaque with a couple coats whereas others will remain slightly sheer.

Layering glitter: consists of glitter of all different shapes and sizes and usually comes in a clear or slightly tinted jelly base. It’s usually used for layering over another polish.

Magnetic: designed with metal particles in it. Unique designs are created when a magnet is held over the polish after application.

Matte: drys quickly and are completely matte with no shine or gloss finish. To ensure they stay matte, avoid using a top coat.

Metallic: gives your nails that foil or metal finish appearance and is very popular in bronze, silver and gold; though recently we’ve seen it some more unconventional colours as well.

Pearl: a very fine shimmer polish with a pearly sheen finish.

Shatter: designed to shatter and crackle as it dries creating a unique look. It’s intended to be layered over another polish color.

Sheer: gives the appearance of being half transparent and is often used with more demure colours such as nude and light pink.

Shimmer: a coloured base with shimmer added in. It gives your nails a multidimensional appearance upon catching the light.

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