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Gehwol in Canada

Gehwol specializes in foot care with products. They are based on a foundation of natural ingredients and essential oils. Whether your feet are tired, sore, cracked or odorous Gehwol has developed a solution. Founded in 1978 Gehwol has grown from Germany beginnings to become an internationally known brand featured in countless spas.

For cracked skin Gehwol has developed Med Salve formulated with a mix of soaps and oil that help protect rough and cracked skin against inflammation while working to restore skin elasticity. This can be combined with Gehwol Fusskraft Blue to further rejuvenate and moisturize dry skin while lessening perspiration and odor.

Gehwol has also become well known for their Med Nail Softener and Med Lipidro Cream. The nail softener softens cuticles and reduces the pain from ingrown nails while the Med Lipidro Cream is a daily use cream that helps protect against foot odor, fungal infections and inflammation.

Gehwol ships free in Canada on orders over $29.

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