2013 Holiday Nail Art Challenge Week 2 - Decorations

Decorations. Lights, trees, ornaments, ect. The only thing better than holiday decorations is the food (which is why we just love edible decorations, the best of both worlds).

So there you are, for this week bling your nails with your favourite holiday decorations.

Week 2: Decorations - Winner & Top 5
  1. WINNER WEEK 1: Crafty Nail - 41 votes
  2. Sparkly Tips- 37 votes
  3. Ideias de Caroline - 27 votes
  4. The Happy Sloths - 23 votes
  5. Nail That Accent- 21 votes

If you haven't registered but would like to participate please register here and we'll add you to the list (for this week people can vote for you under "other").